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Now Is the Time to Make Great Wine

Posted in Wine Cellar Tips

Plan Ahead

It’s mid-January. As your hibernating from the cold it may not occur to you that NOW is the time to start making wine for the spring and summer. When you make your own wine it’s important to plan ahead. Check your cellar is your aged stock dwindling?

Remember some wines like Cellar Craft Showcase, and Passport need 8 Weeks minimum of fermenting and clarification before they are ready to be bottled. That means if you start now you could be bottling by mid-March, which leaves you a very short window for cellaring / aging your new wine. Therefore, if you want to get stocked up for 2020, now is the time to start the process.

There are some wines that can be produced faster than 8 weeks I.E. Atmosphere Showcase, Legacy (6 weeks), Cheeky Monkey (5 weeks) and KenRidge Classic, Niagara Mist & Island Mist Coolers, Island Mist & Island Mist Coolers (4 weeks). So, there is still time for some of them. But keep in mind that most wines require some aging before they soften and mature.  If your drinking new wine be sure to decant the wine an hour or two before serving.

How Much Should I Make?

Higher end wines should technically be aged for at least a year if not more. This means you should make enough so that most of that specific wine makes it to next year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t test it throughout the year and make some comparisons, see how aging affects it. At least, that’s my excuse.

Why the Wine Cellar?

The Wine Cellar Kitchener has hundreds of great tasting wines to choose from and a wine making master to assist throughout the process ensuring excellent quality wine every time. They also have all the equipment and tools needed for each step of the wine making process. The atmosphere of the Wine Cellar is pleasant, and you will find yourself enjoying every moment you are there. You learn something new every time you go, with knowledgeable, invested staff to answer any question about wine making and wine.

Visit the Wine Cellar today to make great wine for 2020