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Consider Making Your Own Wine for Your Wedding

Posted in Weddings, and Wine Cellar Tips

Congratulations on your engagement.  So many  things for you to take care of for that big day.   Consider making your wedding wine at The Wine Cellar in Kitchener, Ontario . There are many reasons why making your own wine for your wedding is a great idea.

It’s Fun

The whole process is a lot of fun! It can be a great bonding experience for the bride and groom, a creative project to accomplish together. Or, the prospective wedding party can get involved. The groom’s men or the bridesmaids can help and support their friends, while having a great time and learning about wine making. Starting the wine and bottling is an educational process, one that you will want to repeat. Marie Graham (the owner/partner) is good company, super friendly and helpful when starting the process and she works hard to make bottling a fun experience as well. Ask all the questions you want, there is nothing Marie doesn’t know about wine. The different workstations at the Wine Cellar also make it easy and fast work with everything you need at your fingertips.

You Will Make Great Wine

Marie can help you choose the perfect wines from a selection of more than one hundred juices. Her knowledge of wine really helps when choosing for a crowd. She knows what is popular and what goes with your proposed menu. Marie will help you get the timing right as well, with tips on cellaring or storing the wine. Did you now? The Wine Cellar has over 40 Hungarian Oak Barrels in stock to oak age your wine for that extra quality and flavor. Ask about this service to make wine that will fool even the snootiest connoisseur. You can be sure that the wine you serve your wedding guests will be enjoyed by all.

You Can Customize Labels and Colors

Most wine kits come with professional looking labels that will fool your guests in to thinking its store-bought wine, but you also have the option to customize. The Wine Cellar has many blank label designs that you can print on at home. Some couples have used this option to add their picture, date of the wedding, or even to number tables and use as centerpieces. The options are endless as well as the colors. Make the bottles match the wedding theme with heat shrink bottle wraps and matching labels. You get the wine you want in the container you want; all personalized the way you want.

Save As Much As 60% Compared to Similar Store-Bought Wines

When you start planning for your wedding you will quickly become aware of the cost of everything. Making your wine at The Wine Cellar (#5-300 Gage Ave, Kitchener) can save you as much as 60% compared to similar quality store-bought wine. Don’t start your new life together stressed out because of the cost of your wedding. The wine you make at the Wine Cellar can be incredible if you give it enough time. Plan ahead, make your wine now and get it cellaring. Your gests won’t know the difference and you can save hundreds of dollars. Ask Marie how much time you need for each type of wine you make and get started today! For more information on things you need to know about making your own wine for your wedding go to the wedding section at

For information on Ontario Special Event Permits for having wine at your wedding Click Here.