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Weddings and Wine

Better Quality Wine

Are you planning a wedding or special event this year? While the high cost to create enduring memories is a force to be reckoned with, you can save hundreds of dollars by participating in your own wine-making!  Will you be able to tell the difference from a pricey, store-bought wine from one you helped produce?  We use two of the largest and most trusted suppliers, giving us access to the greatest wine juice in the world.  The changes in equipment and product from when we first began 17 years ago have been amazing.  We can make a wine of any style and variety and from any country.  For red wine, we provide barrel-aging (up to 40 barrels) a service that ensures better quality wine.

You can customize your own label (including photographs) or choose a generic label.  No matter what option, The Wine Cellar can include the date and title of your event, and the name of your wine.  We recommend coming in six to nine months prior to your wedding or special event to properly age your wine.

We have hundreds of  accessories
to match colors and labels
to your event.

In the case of weddings upon which The Wine Cellar has built its trusted reputation, making your own wine is the best option for investing your time, money and effort.  Couples are inundated with the expense of countless wedding details. At The Wine Cellar, we focus on one thing and we do it exceptionally well.  We save our clients up to 60 per cent in comparison to the traditional options.  When it comes to quality of wine, you’ll appreciate the difference from store-bought wine.  “It’s a healthier, tastier choice because of the lack of preservatives.”  We pride ourselves in giving our customers a unique, fun and healthy experience, while customers are proud they made the wine themselves.  The type of wine you choose should be paired appropriately with the food you plan to serve.  The Wine Cellar staff can make excellent recommendations for your special day and also keep you abreast of new products.  We’ll help educate you about the quality of wine you choose and how it influences the flavor.

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