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The Wine Cellar has been barrel aging red wines for over 20 years.

So, you have taken that first step and decided to try making your own crafted wine.  Once you have taken that step you quickly realize the benefits of crafting your own wine. 

  1. the cost is at least 60% less than buying from the LCBO or Winery Wines.
  2. there is significantly less preservatives in your own crafted wines compared to your winery wines.  There is quite a noticeable difference between those 2 styles of wines once you understand what you are tasting.
  3. you are supporting your “local on-premise wine shop”.

The Wine Cellar has been making wine for 27 years.  I have seen quite an improvement on all levels of this business.  The most important improvement has been the quality of wines that you can make.  Juices from all over the world are available for you to make.

Everything we do here at The Wine Cellar is geared towards making the best wine possible and giving you, the client, the best wine making/bottling experience.  So, once you help me make the wine by pitching that package of yeast into the pail of juice😊 The Wine Cellar does all the hard work to get your wine ready to bottle. 

The bottling experience is engaging, fun and satisfying knowing that that bottle of wine you just made, labeled and shrink sealed was made by you😊 Couples will often call it “date night” or come in with a few friends and go out for dinner after. 

I am digressing….back to barrel aging.

Taking that red wine to the next step by barrel aging will have your friends not believing that you actually made that red wine.  The advantages to barrel aging are:

  1. additional flavours added to compliment that red wine such as vanilla, earthiness, chocolate, coffee, subtle spice.
  2. when you first make red wine it tastes very “fruit forward” even though the wine is dry.  Barrel aging will soften down that fruitiness and makes your wine taste like it is already aged.
  3. the barrel will soften those tannins through slow controlled oxidation.  Making your wine smoother….sooner.

Be prepared to have your wine take at least 3 months in total to be made when you choose to “barrel age” your red wine.

Guaranteed a minimum of 4 weeks in the barrel after fermentation for an extra $40 on top of the cost of your wine. 

At the end of 4 weeks if I do not need that barrel and you are in no hurry to bottle that wine it will stay in the barrel until I need that barrel or you want to bottle your wine.

To lern more about the barrels we use click here.

Marie Vintner Extraordinaire!