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Over 100 Wines to Choose From!

Wine Kits

At the Wine Cellar in Kitchener we have over 100 different wines to choose from.  Wine from all over the world, and from different vineyards and companies.  With so much selection there is a wine for every occasion and preference.  “When deciding on your wine kit remember the most important thing is not how much it costs, or how popular it is, but how much you enjoy it.”

Wine Cellar Levels

The Wine Cellar carries 7 styles of Vineco wine kits.  Each has its own style and quality. Instead of trying to figure which wine kit is better or cheaper than the other we have numbered them as Level 1 to Level 6.  Specialty wine kits, coolers and fruit wines are not included. Level 1 is your least expensive, “house wine” quality.  Level 7 is your most expensive, “high end premium” quality.

What separates each of these wine kits are 3 things.

1: How much juice?     2: How much water?     3: Whether you juice is “generic” or “country specific”.

Cellar Craft Wines 2020

Cellar Craft Showcase (Level 7)
8-10 Week 18L, Country Specific

Passport Wine 2020

Passport (Level 6)
8 Week 18L, Country Specific, Limited Product

Atmosphere Wines 2020

Atmosphere Showcase (Level 5)
6 Week 16L, Country Specific

Legacy Wines 2020

Legacy (Level 4)
6 Week 16L, Generic

Cheeky Monkey Wines 2020

Cheeky Monkey (Level 3)
5 Week 10L, Country Specific

KenRidge Classic Wines 2020

KenRidge Classic (Level 2)
4 Week 10L, Generic

Niagara Mist Wines 2020

Niagara Mist & Island Mist Coolers
4 week, 7 Lt

Island Mist & Island Mist Coolers
4 week, 7 Lt