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Niagara Mist Coolers

Niagara Mist Wines 2020

Niagara Wine Legend

Body (2nd #)

1 – Light
2 – Light/Medium
3 – Medium
4 – Full
5 – Very Full

Sweetness (3rd #)

0 – Dry
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –
6 – Sweet


These Coolers are high in sugar (# 5-6) and low in alcohol (approx. 7%)

A uniquely refreshing wine beverage with a bold splash of ripe fruit.

The Niagara name has become synonymous with incredible wines and wonderfully tasty fruits. Niagara Mist™ combines famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavors. These delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion.

4 Week 7.5L Wine Kit

Red, White and Rose Wine Coolers

0 | 1 | 6

Black Cherry Pinot Noir

You’ll enjoy the super enhanced Pinot Noir varietal characteristics of fresh red berries and luscious black cherries. Pair this fruit forward wine with a salmon topped salad for a culinary delight.

0 | 1 | 5

Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc

Green apple sweetness is balanced with the crisp finish from the Sauvignon Blanc grape making this wine exceptionally refreshing. This tangy beach-side beverage is great with summer salads and seafoods.

0 | 1 | 5

Peach Chardonnay

A tasty combination of ripe, sweet fruit and the smooth butteriness of Chardonnay is a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Enjoy this refreshing treat when pork chops with fruit chutney is on the menu.

0 | 1 | 5

NEW! Stone Fruit Syrah Rosé

Vibrant peach and tangy dried apricot aromas, with flavors of sweet, drip-down-your-chin-juicy plum & peach, accented with lightly tart apricot notes.   Loaded with ripe fruit flavors, this rosé really refreshes when lightly chilled. Excellent enjoyed on its own, or a perfect pairing for barbecue.

0 | 1 | 5

Strawberry White Zinfandel

This refreshing fruit wine has an exquisite bouquet of fresh picked strawberries. This refreshing wine perfectly compliments a grilled chicken sandwich and a strawberry spinach salad.

0 | 1 | 5

Blackberry Malbec

The intense fruit flavors of Malbec and the refreshing notes of blackberry dance on the palate. This slightly bold fruity wine will harmonize with the spicy flavors of beef empanadas and spicy meat pies.

0 | 1 | 5

Mango Strawberry Moscato

Fresh mango, sweet, sun ripened strawberries, and fragrant Moscato create a silky, refreshing and light-bodied blend.

0 | 1 | 5

Tropical Fruit Riesling

Bursting with aromas and flavors of juicy sweet pineapple, mango and kiwi, Rieslings subtle citrus notes create the perfect clean crisp finish. A delicious refresher any time with a tangy Asian salad or chicken stir-fry.

0 | 1 | 5

BluePom White Merlot

This hot, exotic new blush style combines the aromatics and flavors of red berry fruits found in White Merlot with that of the tangy Blueberry and tart Pomegranate. The resulting wine is an eruption of sweet and juicy flavors that will leave you speechless. Excellent on its own or with yogurt.

0 | 1 | 4

Wildberry White Zinfandel

Your senses will run wild after being exposed to this ensemble of luscious berry fruits which includes blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. This irresistible blush wine combines the sweet and easy drinking White Zinfandel with a rush of candy-flavored forest berries that will have you begging for more. An ideal drink anytime that pairs nicely with a plain yogurt or desserts such as cheese cake and vanilla ice cream.

0 | 1 | 5

Raspberry Merlot

This smooth wine has invigorating fruit flavors of plump sun-ripened berries combined with the natural blackberry character of Merlot. A perfect sweet and velvety beverage for summer sipping with a grilled burger on the side.

0 | 1 | 5

Orchard Crisp Riesling

With its enticingly vibrant peach nose, gentle bite of tart acidity, and lingering apple finish, new Orchard Crisp Riesling delivers crisp, fresh-from-the-orchard fruit from start to finish.

0 | 1 | 5

White Pear Pinot Grigio

Juicy sweet pears, a splash of lemon, and notes of custard and white flowers, dance and sing from first approach to the refreshing finish. Perfect alongside calabrese bread topped with pear and melted brie, or try with spicy Thai cuisine.

0 | 1 | 5

Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz

This blush style wine has been given some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragon fruit then gently splashed with tangy cool raspberries. Ignite the grill and sear some spicy shrimp skewers, or prepare some Thai green curry cuisine for a night of fire and ‘flare’.