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Hungarian Oak Barrels at The Wine Cellar

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A Century for Hungarian Oak Trees

It takes at least a hundred years to grow an oak tree, so understanding unique growing conditions over that time is almost impossible. The complexities of the flavor of oak compounds and how they are influenced over a century of growth are infinite. Combine that with understanding how the oak interacts with each individual wine, and you have yourself quite the equation.

One thing we do know is that Hungarian oak is increasingly being recognized as one of the best sources for oak barrels to cellar your wine. For centuries French oak was considered the best source for oak and American oak a cheaper alternative with its own unique characteristics. Both French and Hungarian oak barrels are made from both species of oak tree. The “English oak” and the “Sessile oak” that commonly grow together. Therefore, Hungarian oak can be very similar to French oak which come from the same trees, the difference being a slightly different climate where they grow. Often, shorter, slower growing oaks produce the best qualities (flavors) for barrels and therefore cost more to source.

Cost Comparison

A sing French oak barrel can cost up to $900+ (US) where a Hungarian oak barrel is closer to $800. The American oak barrels are cheaper at around $500. (American oak is a completely different species of tree and has its own characteristics)

Hungarian wine has grown in popularity, more and more wine makers worldwide are cellaring their wine in Hungarian oak barrels, including some popular French producers.  

The Wine Cellar Has 40 Barrels for Your Use

The Wine Cellar in Kitchener, Ontario has 40 Hungarian oak barrels for you to cellar your wine in. Whether you make your wine in ours store or are a home vintner your wine can have the Hungarian oak influence. We are the only wine kit company in the Tri-Cities to offer this service.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine”. Talk to the Wine Cellar today about how you can take your wine to the next level with Hungarian oak barrels.