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Charcuterie Boards

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Here at The Wine Cellar in Kitchener we appreciate the business from our local clients, many of which run their own small businesses. With that it mind, we’d like to introduce you to Vaughn Mulligan owner of Guelph Heritage Woodworking. Over the years you may have enjoyed cheese, olives, crackers, or other delightful treats served on one of GH Woodworking’s beautiful charcuterie boards. Wine is often enhanced by pairing it with different foods, and presentation only adds to the experience. Some of Vaughn’s charcuterie boards are now on display (sometimes with treats) at The Wine Cellar.

You may be surprised with how much thought goes in to making this awesome serving tool. There are different types depending on what you use it for and how.

Used to Serve Food

If the board’s purpose is to serve food only then almost any decorative wood that has been properly sealed will do. Sealing the board with several coats of Polyurethane, for example, will protect the wood and prevent any juices or other food liquid from seeping into the wood and creating potential bacteria growth.

Charcuterie Board with lazy Susan

Used as a Cutting Board

Charcuterie Board at the Wine Cellar
GH Woodworking Charcuterie Board and Wine Cellar Red and White Wine

If the board is going to be used as a cutting surface, then only certain woods should be considered. You want a hardwood that is a closed pore wood such as Maple, Beech, Walnut or Cherry. Avoid soft woods like Pine or Cedar and porous woods like Mahogany, Butternut, and Oak. There are also some woods that could be potentially toxic and therefore should be avoided, such as Western Red Cedar, Birch, Rosewood and a number of more exotic woods such as Purpleheart and Ebony.

Used for Both

If the board will be used for both serving and cutting, then choose a board made from woods suitable as a cutting board only. Some of our boards have a ceramic or stone cutting surface attached to wood suitable for serving which would be fine so long as the cutting takes place on the stone surface only.

How to Get Yours?

With the holidays coming up, no doubt you’ll be entertaining family and friends. A GH Woodworking charcuterie board could help you with appetizers, afternoon snacks, or it could make a great gift. For more information and details on how to get your custom-made board visit

Charcuterie board display at the Wine Cellar
Charcuterie board display at the Wine Cellar