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VineCo Product and Brand Overhaul

Posted in Wine Industry News

VineCo Products

VineCo (juice suppler for The Wine Cellar) has completely changed their look and their product line. Instead of hundreds of wines to choose from, the selection has been narrowed down to just 51 wines and 17 wine coolers. There are many good reasons for this change.

A Simplified Selection

Many people found that having too many wines with 10 different levels of quality (juice to water ratio) was confusing. For this reason, the new product line from VineCo now has just 3 levels of quality: original, premium, and ultra-premium. You still get an incredible selection of wine “sourced from the world’s best wine growing regions,” but choosing one will be much easier.

Cost Effective

Having and maintaining a product line that has hundreds of different products that are sourced from around the globe, can be challenging and expensive. The world’s climate has changed, making some of the world’s wine regions less dependable. Therefore, reducing the number of products and sourcing them from more stable and reliable locations ensures quality and consistency. It also saves time and money. Lower costs for suppliers equal lower costs for consumers. Finally, this new product line will help sustain lower cost for wine kits into the future. After all, we make our own wine because we enjoy it, but we keep making our own because it costs less.

A Change in the Wine Market

The “baby boomer” generation is being replaced with “millennials”. As a result, It has been noticed that this new generation has not developed the same love for wine that the baby boomers had. Millennials seam to prefer mixed drinks and coolers according to sales. The new VineCo product line features 17 Niagara Mist coolers that no doubt will appeal to this new generation.

Your Source for the New VineCo products

The Wine Cellar in Kitchener is a retailer for VineCo including all their new products. It is a pure love for the craft of wine making that makes The Wine Cellar your source for great wine.