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How to Remove Wine Labels?

Posted in Wine Cellar Tips

One of the best things about making wine is the variety of available juices. Eventually you will find your favorites, but chances are you will be reusing bottles for different wines.  That means removing old wine labels and returning the bottle to its original pristine condition.  So, what is the best way to remove the old labels?

Using harsh chemicals of petroleum based lubricants is not an option as even small amounts that get inside your bottles could be harmful if consumed or even worse, effect the quality of the wine (lol).

Not all suggestions on the Internet are good ideas.

We recommend the following two methods:

Warm Water & Baking Soda

Soak the label portion of the wine bottle in room temperature water with 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda for 30 minutes.

Remove the bottle from the water, and wipe the label off with a rag.

If any of the label remains, use steel wool to remove the rest.

 * Since the water is at room temperature, and if you do not submerge the cork end of the bottle in water, you can use this method to remove labels from full bottles of wine.

Hot Water Inside (To remove labels from EMPTY bottles)

Fill the bottles with very hot water (About 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit).

let stand for 10 minutes.

The heat will partially melt most adhesives and allow you to peel off the label.

 * You Will Need: A sink or bucket, baking soda, a rag, a towel, steel wool