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When you enter the Wine Cellar the first thing that greets you is the magnificent aroma of wine, made from juices imported from the great wine regions of the world.


The Merlot from Chile, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Cabernet Sauvignon from California as well as Italian juices like Amarone and Pinot Grigio.  Great wines made by you, aged in oak barrels with the tender loving care of a master, winemaker.  Drop in to The Wine Cellar to see why we have been in business for almost 20 years.

Favorite Quote

“Life is too short to drink bad wine!”

People are surprised to know. . .

That The Wine Cellar has been around for almost 20 years.  Our clientele are from all over southern Ontario. We have customers from Kincardine, Sarnia, London, Toronto, St.Catherine’s, Ottawa as well as the local surrounding area.  Most of these customers were living in the KW area and when they moved on to other cities they continued to make their wine with us. Others have decided to make the drive because of referrals from our local clients or from the hundreds of wedding wines we have made over the years.

What is your signature product/


We only make one type of product. Wine! That is all we specialize in to make sure we can provide our customers the very best in customer service.  Guilty Pleasure?  We love doing our homework.

Guilty Pleasure?

We love doing our homework. Both Pat and I drink only our

own crafted wines. You do acquire a palate for your own

wine over store-bought. We also enjoy experimenting with

food and wine. We have learned over the years that there

are certain rules when it comes to food and wine but in the

end... just experiment with different pairings!

Your inspiration to be the best?

Our clientele. Whether it is a new customer or one that

has been with us since 1996, the comments and the

pleasures we see on our clients faces keeps reminding

me why I love this business. People are always happy to

hear from us, they are even happier when they come in to

bottle their wine because of the experience.

Secret to your success?

Expecting the very best from my suppliers. I have spent 19

years sourcing out the best supply of wine kits. There are

many stores for our customers to choose from, so I have

to make sure I can offer the very best. As an independent

store I can pick and choose who I do business with.

Franchise stores do not have that option.

Don’t leave our business without


The Cheese!

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